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From an early age Tyler had a passion for learning and an imagination that could take him anywhere he wanted to go. He loved to laugh and play like so many kids today. His days were filled with exploring, building forts, playing with stuffed animals and battles with his toy soldiers.


In high school, Tyler had the chance to go to live in Sun Valley, Idaho with long-time family friends. Through his experiences with them and an amazing school program, Tyler had the chance to discover the great outdoors and all the challenges and opportunities it has to offer. This is where he found his place and his calling in life. Through those early experiences of canoeing, hiking, climbing, and biking he came to appreciate the natural wonders of our world. Tyler learned how to overcome physical challenges and rely on himself when it came to survival. This knowledge served him not only in the mountains, but on a daily basis as he went forward with his life.

Tyler eventually became a mountain guide in the peaks of Peru. There, he was responsible for showing others the wonders of the mountains, while leading them safely through very challenging environments. He planned every aspect of their days, from the route they would take, to the food they would eat and the shelter that would keep them warm on cold winter nights. He loved his work. One of the things he loved most was exposing people to the beauty of nature and the rich history of the area ~ something that had made such a difference in his own life.

ishinca summit.jpg

When Tyler passed away in the summer of 2010, we could think of no better way to honor his memory than to continue his work allowing others to appreciate the natural beauty of our world and the powerful experience of finding their way in this challenging but rewarding environment.

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