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On Belay Ty's programs and future vision are made possible with your support! 

Learn more about how you can help support 

On Belay Ty programs below.

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The Brynne Smith Summer Camp Scholarship Fund 
Camp Tamarack is committed to making camp inclusive and accessible for students of all backgrounds and welcoming kids whose families are unable to pay the full cost of the program.  We offer partial and full scholarship opportunities for students every summer. We have been expanding our scholarship opportunities and our goal is to provide 20% of our summer campers each year with scholarships.

Caring for Our Facilities
Restoring Camp Tamarack to a vibrant place and maintaining its vibrancy with healthy facilities is an ongoing labor of love!  After purchasing the camp in 2013 we inherited many greatly-needed repairs. We have worked hard to revive and renew Camp Tamarack’s plumbing, electrical, and septic systems, to re-roof the lodge and cabins, and to provide new heating sources for cabins.  Our work is ongoing. Upcoming projects for the next 2 years will be to 1) invest in securing underground electrical lines and protect our power supply from falling branches and winter storms and 2) install two additional composting toilets where campers do not yet have proximity to bathroom facilities. 

Our Student Leader Program  
An invaluable leadership opportunity that can guide high schoolers toward careers in education and conservation by volunteering to serve one-week as cabin leaders, role models, and teachers at our Outdoor School and Winter Wellness programs. Our Tamarack staff travel to high schools throughout Central Oregon to meet with schools, present our program, and recruit Student Leaders. We organize special events and outdoor experiences for our Student Leader community throughout the school year. Our Student Leaders grow a sense of leadership and belonging, and join a purposeful community in which they can flourish.

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Help Fund Scholarships for Local Kids

This kind of education, which teaches how to think instead of what to think is key to helping local kids move forward, helping them to develop their values, have confidence in their abilities, and ultimately improve their quality of life. This is very much in the spirit of our friend Tyler! The school charges tuition on a sliding scale, based upon the economic realities of each family. We have students who pay nothing, others who pay ¼ and ½ tuition, and a handful whom pay the actual cost of keeping it all running. While accomplishing our goal of offering this educational model to local children who would otherwise attend the free (and very sub-par) public schools is a top priority, we cannot cover all of the costs of doing so without the help of scholarship assistance.

Trail Maintenance

Tyler’s Traverse is one of the most popular trails to ride in the Bend area, which is AWESOME!!! But,  it also means Tyler’s needs love throughout the year to keep it in good riding condition. For this to happen it requires volunteers and work parties  to consistently give of their time for “trail maintenance.” Donations given to On Belay TY for the purpose of helping to maintain Tyler’s Traverse will be used to help facilitate Central Oregon Trail Alliance (COTA) work parties. This work will help keep Tyler’s in good shape and the whoops and hollers from people riding down Tyler’s coming throughout the year!!!!

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youth camp

Over a 7 year period The Tyler Anderson Youth Camp brought together approximately 30 kids each year to Viva Mas (Live More) in the spirit of TY. In the summer of 2021 in honor of Tyler’s passing 10 years ago we would like to bring as many people back together as possible for a TAYC reunion. How great would it be to take a few days next summer to take a deep breath, be with people who we have shared many wonderful experiences with one another and be reminded of how lucky we are to get a chance to make each day what we want to make of it. For this to happen it will take time, effort and money…..which means donations and if you are willing to help, we would be grateful for your support!!

thank you

Thanks for the difference you will help make!!!

Life is for Living
 -Viva Mas- 

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