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Here in Huaraz, Peru the mountains are filled with native people to the area, climbers, bikers, hikers, athletes, and outdoor fanatics. AND we loved Tyler! We cherish everything that sports and adventure provide us: the challenge, the emotion, responsibility, discipline, friendship, growth… and the values which are intrinsic in these experiences, applicable every day of our lives whether on or off the ‘’mountain”. Our loss of a friend, a true role model of living a happy and healthy life, with confidence and social grace, always a smile on his face and a skip in his step, helps us remember that our time here is limited and we should be spending it well. The outdoors brought us together with Tyler, and the outdoors were part of what made him so special and made our friendships so rich. By creating a branch of On Belay TY in Peru where there is an adventure to be had around every corner, we aim to help others have enriching and safe experiences in the out-of-doors, and hopefully learn the art of living life well.


our mission

Our mission is two-fold, made possible with support and donations from those who knew and loved Tyler:

We are advocates of quality & safety in the realm of Outdoor Adventure and Tourism in the

Cordillera Blanca. & Huayhuash.

We are experiential educators, dedicated to helping young people learn from that which they do, preparing them to be adults in a changing world where self-confidence, discipline, a sense of adventure, an appreciation for beauty, and great problem-solving skills go a long way. In 2013 On Belay TY decided to join forces with a local elementary school which is pioneering an ‘active’ style of education for children in the Huaraz area.


Wilderness first responder


Since 2011, we have been offering Wilderness First Responder (WFR) courses in the Huaraz area, for local guides and aficionados of outdoor activities. On Belay TY has sponsored over 70 students in annual trainings based out of Huaraz. The WFR training is widely considered to be the industry standard for medical and emergency response training for all outdoor professionals as well as most climbers, hikers, boaters, bikers, runners, travelers, and more! By offering WFR courses to the local guiding community, we directly help increase both the effectiveness and efficiency of incident management and emergency responses. The result is higher quality and increased safety for all. We have seen many examples of this training be of benefit to the full circle of people involved in wilderness related accidents and are proud to be a part of that change.



On Belay TY has been involved in many of the local search & rescue efforts in the Cordillera Blanca over the past few years. While these are often very stressful and emotional times for everyone involved, we are committed to assembling the right staff (with the right training) and the necessary resources to get the job done. Through effective communication with the teams in the field, local authorities, the media, and family members, we do what we can to ease the worry & waiting, and minimize the logistics that loved ones would otherwise have to piece together. On Belay has never charged for the time or services provided – we understand very intimately how powerful an act of kindness can be in these moments and are driven by our ability to be of help. Through donations we have received from accident victims and/or their families, we have been able to provide additional WFR scholarships, fund sat phone repairs, and keep our non-profit organization afloat throughout the year.

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semillas de vida

What I hear I forget, what I see I remember, what I do I understand.
We all learn by doing. It’s amazing that schools around the globe have taken this very simple and obvious concept and… forgotten it! On Belay TY began working with a small school in Huaraz a few years ago. What began as a small project between 2 families has grown into a fully recognized educational institution, open to the public, and committed to a healthy educational journey for all of the students in our care. Semillas de Vida currently offers classes from kindergarten through primary grade 6, following a student-centered pedagogy that educates through the completion of projects, collaboration activities and peer learning. Not to mention, fun! With complimentary classes like biking, climbing, theater, construction, art, games, cooking, knitting, and gardening holding as high of a value as the math, science and language elements, the school endeavors to treat learning as a way of life, and life as a collection of the things that we ‘do’. And with enough practice ‘doing’ a wide variety of things, we believe that we can produce young adults who see no limits to what they can accomplish.

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